Our project "EMPATHY" has based on severeal steps. As a first step we filmed the obstacles our member faced while using a wheelchair trying to travel from one spot to another in the city. We donate the wheelchair we used in the project to the "Şehit ve Gaziler Derneği"

Workplace Visit

TEOS KAZI EVİ (DIG HOUSE) work shop visit organized with Ankara University Archeology Students.

Workplace Visit

Together with Group 6 Rotaract Clubs we organized the TÜRK TUBORG A.Ş. workshop visit.

Cycling Festival

Rotary Club, Rotaract Club and Interact Club Dokuz Eylül have a tradational festival. This year the theme was " Rotary Foundation is 100 years old." This years festival was on 16.10.2016. We cycled to raise awareness to the problems in traffic.



This year we organized the second Atölye+1 project in Tülay Çelikel Heykel Atölyesi  on 5th of November, 2016 with Interact Club Dokuz Eylül and İzmir Down Syndrome Association.

Our Kithcen Project

In 19 Mayıs Primery School, We renovated the ares, which were being used as a kithcen and sickroom. The room is again equipped with the tools to be used as kitchen and sickroom. We made this project with the help of our sponsers. To spread the wisdom of The Four Way Test we hanged a banner on the room's wall.

Trademark-Patent Seminar

Together with Destek Patent A.S. we organized a "Trademark-Patent Seminar" in Workinton İzmir-Bayraklı Tower on  05.10.2016 with a high attendance. We are thankfull to Destek Patent A.S. family, Dear Mert Gürkan Başar and our Club Service Committee Director Rtc.Çisil Akar for helping us organize this seminar. 

Each Piece of Paper Counts as a Breath

We begin “each piece of paper counts as a breath “project during 2012-2013 term. We decided to make this project once more to remark the importance of forests we have. We have dedicated fan pages on Instagram and Facebook.  We share posts giving information and facts about trees and paper consumption. Next step for this project will be having planting events together with students in our partner School. We will also collect used papers to generate the recycling. 


Bu Hafta Değil Her Hafta (not only this week, but each week)

Rotarct Club Dokuz Eylül, Rotaract Club Alsancak, Rotaract Club Gündoğdu, Rotaract Club Karşıyaka, Rotaract Club Konak, Rotaract Club Kordon and Rotaract Club Urla are gathering for this touching project. Each Wednesday we will visit kids in Tepecik Training and Research Hospital. We will play with those kids spend time with them. We will try to make those kids feel away from the Hospital environment together with Volunteer Clown Team. 

Rotaract Memories

We ,Rotaract Club Dokuz Eylül, started a new project called Rotaract Memories. For this project we have created a Facebook account and added a lot of Rotaractors from all over the world. We thought we can reach out a lot of Rotaractors and let them write their most unforgettable, valuable memories about their Rotaract and Rotary experience. We haven’t set a language goal for this project. The only goal we would like to achieve is to prove us Rotaractors how big and powerful family we are. We will also see other Rotaract Cultures.



Rotaphotograph Photograph Competition

We are throwing a photograph competition about 6 areas of focus decided by International Rotary. We would like to increase the social awareness of 6 areas of focus. Deadline for our project is 7th of April 2017. The photos gathered will be judged by a jury of Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors and professional photographers and each Area of Focus will have symbolic awards. And big award will go to the winner selected from the focus areas winners. In the end we will terminate the competition with exhibiting all the photos in a gallery. 

Meslek Tanıtım Günü

Dokuz Eylül Rotaract Kulübü , Güzelbahçe Rotaract Kulübü , Güzelyalı Rotaract Kulübü , İzmir Rotaract Kulübü ve Hami Kulüplerimiz 08.05.2016 Pazar günü saat 13:30'te Karşıyaka Gençlik Eğitim Merkezi(KARGEM)'nde "Meslek Tanıtım Semineri" gerçekleştirdik.Bir çok meslek alanında Rotaryen büyüklerimizin ve Rotaractör dostlarımızın deneyimlerini geleceğimizin parlak gençleri ile paylaştık.

Rota-Elim Sende

Dokuz Eylül Rotaract Kulübü ve İzmir Engelsiz Sanat Derneğinin ortaklaşa düzenlediği "Rota-Elim Sende" projesi ; 19 Mayıs İlköğretim Okulunda okuyan İlkokul öğrencilerinin tiyatro,sinema,müzik ve resim alanlarında kişisel gelişimlerine yardımcı olmayı, özgüvenlerinin ve yaratıcılıklarının artmasına destek olmayı amaçlamaktadır. Toplamda 6 hafta sonu sürecek olan projemizin sonuda amacımız mini konser,sergi,kısa film gösterimi ve tiyatro oyunu sergileyerek öğrencilerimizle keyifli ve unutulmaz zaman geçirmektir.

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